Our Company


Top Shelf Protection K9s is a private company, located in Northern California, built around selecting and training some of the finest elite protection K9s. 

With over 25 years of training and breeding experience, we were formally recognized as one of the best law enforcement K-9 suppliers/trainers in the world, supplying to over 70 agencies. 

After years of inquiries from private clients, we recently developed a K9 division for the private sector; supplying the world’s top scoring Elite K9s to celebrities, athletes, executives, and places of business.

We fully realize some of the criminal threats inherent in your profession, and that with greater success comes greater risks to yourself, those around you, your home or place of business, and your hard-earned assets. We feel that with the acquisition of a Top Shelf K9, these risks are substantially less.


We believe we have 3 strengths that have led to our success and helps us to beat our competition.



Triangle Approach: Selection, Training, Customized Pairing

Our Selection Process- Because we have been in the K9 business for over 25 years, we have built a network of suppliers from all over the globe. In numerous countries, we have K9 vendors searching and testing for the type of dogs they know we want; high drive, smart, young, agile, clear in the head, in good health, and capable in any situation. When these suppliers have the inventory, we travel to conduct our own testing. The vigorous testing we do, equates to about a 2000;1 ratio. Meaning after they have preselected dogs and narrowed it down to the vendor’s standards, we then narrow it down to about an acceptance rate of purchasing one K9 out of 60 we test from our vendors. We also have K9s bought at the European Dog Shows, and from our own breeding lines.

Top notch Training- Our training is known worldwide. Over the past 25 years, we have trained and sold to the absolute top echelon of the United States, including our Military, top Government Agencies, and high ranking Government Officials. In addition, we have contracted with, trained and supplied K9s for over 70 Law Enforcement Agencies. Our training focuses on recreating realistic situations your K9 will face while protecting you and your family or place of business.

You can fully expect your K9s will be highly dependable, capable, and effective. Your dog, having been put through a series of strict exercises including those involving a variety of flooring, heights, difficult terrains, tight spaces, and those in close proximity to other K-9s/livestock, in public places, near children, around gunfire, etc. will prove to be highly prepared to actively protect you.

Our Custom Approach- We have successfully built our business from strong selection and customization. We believe that an effective arrangement depends on the initial selection and proper placement. AKA finding the right dog for the right people and vice versa. Top Shelf Protection K9s does not aim to simply provide K-9s, we aim to select and pair the right K-9, for the right situation, and right job description. This is just one thing that truly sets us apart from other K-9 Vendors. THESE ARE NOT GUARD DOGS. They are some of the top scoring, highest performing, socially adaptable dogs in the world. The result, is a well matched, compatable loyal friendship are built while providing effective protection for your family and assets.

With this triangle approach: Selection, Training, & Customized pairing, Top Shelf K9 has gained, and continues to gain worldwide recognition from premiere clientele.

Acquiring a K9:

Acquiring your protector should be an easy and rewarding experience.  Upon scheduling a consultation, Top Shelf will come an provide a personal demonstration. In Chip's words, "We bring it, we show it, you buy it or you don't".  Families are encouraged and welcome to attend consultations. Consultations can abe arranged at your place of business, before or during business hours.

What you can expect:

Once purchased, Clients can customize a training package that works with their specific criteria. 

Family protectors (Personal protection dogs) can expect an initial academy, to introduce family members to your new protection dog, and have security in knowing your K9 will perform as needed to provide indoor and outdoor protection with ongoing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scheduled dog training sessions and occasional scenarios. (Scheduled break-ins, interactions with your spouse and children, etc.)

Business protectors can expect an initial academy, to introduce your new companion to his/her working environment, and home-life with scheduled ongoing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly training sessions with realistic scenarios to prepare and test your K9s ability to protect not only your work environment but your own personal security while at your place of business. Many of these K9s will cross over to both.

Our Guarantee:

An industry first, all Top Shelf K9 protectors come with a health guarantee. K-9 has good hips, elbows, and teeth. K-9 comes with a two-year health guarantee (teeth and cancers are not included in health guarantee, but dog will be cancer free and have good teeth at time of purchase). For the first year, your K-9 will have a 100% good health guarantee, excluding Client’s negligence; meaning that K-9 will be replaced by a K-9 of same or higher caliber if the K-9 cannot perform due to a pre-existing condition as determined by a certified veterinarian. The following year, K-9 comes with a 50% health guarantee; meaning that the K-9 will be replaced by a K-9 of equal or higher caliber at 50% of the dog’s original price. 

In addition, K-9 comes with a two-year performance guarantee, if training is under contract through Top Shelf. There are no performance guarantees if training is done through an outside trainer.